Standard Operating Procedures for Executive Officers


Selection: As the principal officer representing FNPS, the president shall (1) preside at all meetings of and make reports to members and the Board, (2) have general supervision of FNPS affairs, (3) direct and supervise contract services, and (4) perform all such other duties that are either incidental to the office or delegated to the office by the Board.

General Duties

  • Preside at all meetings of and make reports to members and the Board;
  • Have general supervision of FNPS affairs;
  • Direct and supervise contract services;
  • Perform all such other duties that are either incidental to the office or delegated to the office by the Board of Directors;
  • Be responsible for scheduling the Executive Committee, the Board of Directors quarterly meetings and teleconference or videoconference meetings. The locations of quarterly physical meetings shall be varied so as to not burden chapter members who drive great distances to the meeting sites. Teleconference or videoconference meetings shall not conflict with regularly scheduled chapter meetings.
  • Provide a yearly meeting schedule posted on the FNPS Society Calendar early in the year, so that representatives and officers can adjust their schedules well in advance to attend these meetings.
  • Solicit items for discussion for Executive Committee and Board of Directors quarterly meetings prior to setting agendas for meetings.
  • Assure that information is sent out via email or posted on the FNPS Forum or by US Mail related to maps to the meeting location, meeting agenda, hotel accommodations, previous meeting minutes, budget information (if applicable) to the Officers and Directors, Executive Director and Administrative Services Contractor a minimum of two weeks in advance of the quarterly meetings.
  • Maintain a list of Executive Committee members and Board of Director members who will not be attending the meeting, request updates from committee chairpersons to post reports on the FNPS Forum and provide an excused absentee list to Secretary at the meetings.
  • Interact with officers, board members and contractors to resolve issues as they arise and transfer requests for additional information to appropriate parties. The Secretary of FNPS shall be copied on all official letters generated by the President.
  • Replace and/or appoint Committee Chairs and Officers as necessary to complete the mission of FNPS.
  • Although other officers are responsible for accomplishing many of the milestones, it is the President’s responsibility to provide oversight to make sure these items are completed. Some of the action item dates (e.g., Endowment Awards and elections) may vary depending on the date of the Annual FNPS Conference.

Table 1. Society Planning Calendar

Vice President for Administration

The Florida Native Plant Society (FNPS) Vice President for Administration is selected by the FNPS nominating committee and approved by vote of the general membership. The traditional venue for this procedure is at the annual FNPS Society conference in the presence of the attending general membership. However, the President of FNPS, with a majority vote of the Board of Directors (BOD) may dismiss the existing Vice President for Administration and appoint another until such time as an appropriately nominated Vice President for Administration can be presented to the general membership.

General Duties

  • The Vice President for Administration shall have such powers and duties as may be delegated by the Board or the President.
  • The Vice President for Administration shall exercise the functions of the president during the absence or disability of the president.
  • The Vice President for Administration has been assigned the responsibility for contracted services. Currently FNPS contracts for the following services: Bookkeeper, Auditor, Membership, Palmetto, Conference Registration, Web Page Maintenance, Administration, Publications and other services as needed.

Specific Duties

The Vice President for Administration shall:
  • Have such powers and duties as may be delegated by the Board or the President;
  • Have the responsibility of overseeing contracted services. Contracted services include the Executive Director, Bookkeeper, Auditor, Membership services, Conference Registration, Administration, Publications and other services as needed;
  • Solicit and process contract proposals:
    • Solicits for contract services. Reviews proposals for inclusion of pertinent items to include contractor’s name, address, phone, email, list of functions and responsibilities, compensation schedule, terms and conditions, effective dates and validation;
    • Contact applicants’ references for verification of skills and knowledge;
    • Distributes contract proposals to the President and/or Board of Directors, with report on references and any comments/recommendations, for review;
    • Negotiates changes and/or terms as decided by President and/or Board of Directors;
    • Distributes final contract proposals and President recommendations to the Board of Directors for review prior to November board meeting;
    • Present contracts to the Board of Directors for vote at November meeting;
    • Facilitates signing of accepted contracts, and distributes copies as follows:
      • The President receives one of the two original signed contracts
      • The second is delivered to the contractor.
      • A copy of each contract is maintained by Vice President for Administration.
      • A copy of each contract is delivered to the Treasurer for budget purposes
      • A copy of each contract is delivered to the Bookkeeper for reference and then is filed with the annual financial records, which are saved for seven (7) years
      • Committee chairs and other officers shall receive copies of contracts applicable to their function(s).
  • Notify Board of Directors of contract acceptance, termination, or non-renewal;
  • Meet with contractors to establish a working relationship, transfer records and materials, and initiate expected procedures, and establish time-lines.
  • Maintain regular communication with all contractors.
  • Resolve problems.
  • Confirm fulfillment of contract terms.
  • Request reports or attendance at meetings.
  • Review and approve contractor service invoices, after acceptance by the applicable committee chair, or in the case of the Bookkeeper and Auditor, by the Treasurer.
  • Serve as a liaison between contractors and Board of Directors.
  • May survey the Chapters regarding contractors’ service record;
  • Complete the following yearly calendar schedule for FNPS activities:

Table 2. Yearly Schedule of Duties - VP Admin

Review and approve contractor invoices
Meet with contractors
Survey Board of Directors and Council of Chapters for contractors’ service records
Receive Renewal from insurance company, complete and return
Solicit contract proposals and send to Board of Directors for review prior to October Board of Directors meeting.
Present report on contract proposals at the Board of Directors meeting.
November Board of Directors Meeting
Present contracts to Board of Directors for vote.

Vice President for Finance


  • Perform duties as directed or specified by the FNPS President or the Board of Directors;
  • Chair the Finance Committee to consist of members from the Board of Directors, Chapter Representatives and past Board members or Chapter Representatives.
  • The Finance Committee, under the direction of the Vice President of Finance, shall be responsible for FNPS financial matters as may be assigned by competent authority to include:
    • Long range strategic fiscal planning for the FNPS
    • A working knowledge of the current state of the FNPS budget, profit and loss statements, balance sheets, and major financial instruments or accounts. For example:
      • Expense and Revenue accounts
      • Endowment Fund contributions and Certificates of Deposits or other instruments as deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors
      • Publications to include sale of published merchandise
      • Conference budget
      • Earth Share of Florida
      • Grants awarded to the FNPS or Chapters through FNPS
  • Advice to the President and the Board of Directors of investment and expenditure strategies for long range planning.
  • Preparation of Finance Committee findings and presentation of same to the President and the Board of Directors.
  • Selection of the Finance Committee members from the Board of Directors, and the Chapter Representatives and past Board members or Chapter Representatives.
  • Review the monthly financial statements as prepared and provided by the FNPS Bookkeeper.
  • Assist and advise the Treasurer in review of the annual audit and financial report.
  • Seek agreement and approval from and coordinate financial matters with the FNPS Treasurer, assist the Treasurer in preparation of the annual budget and present the yearly budget to President, the Board of Directors and the general membership when requested by the Treasurer and approved by the President.
  • Be prepared to present the status of FNPS finances at Executive Committee meetings, Board of Directors meetings and general membership meetings.
  • Prepare the Annual Development Plan with strategic goals for developing the revenues of FNPS. Present the Annual Development Plan to the Finance Committee for review and input prior to presentation to the Board of FNPS for final approval.


Duties of the Treasurer

General Note: FNPS has contracted for a bookkeeper, auditor and an administrator to handle many of the details below. However the responsibility to see the functions through remains with the Treasurer. The Treasurer is ultimately responsible for all the duties and reporting as stated in the FNPS By-laws and Handbook. Only invoices approved by the applicable committee chair are to be paid. Most contractor service invoices will be reviewed and approved by the VP for Administration.
When the treasurer first takes office, an appointment is made with the bookkeeper to review the records and to establish a working relationship. The treasurer calls and introduces him or herself to the administrator, auditor and, in fact, to all the contractors that FNPS relies on for our business and information.
  • The Treasurer will read the Florida Native Plant Society, Inc. (FNPS) By-laws and Society Handbook and be familiar with all the material contained therein.
  • Keep and maintain complete, accurate, and up to date accounts of all financial transactions of FNPS including assets, liabilities, receipts, and disbursements.
  • Deposit all money and other valuables in the name and to the credit of FNPS with such depositories as approved by the Board of Directors.
  • Disburse FNPS funds as approved by the Board of Directors.
  • File all financial reports required by local, state, or federal laws, such as Form 990 with the state Department of Internal Revenue, solicitation reports, excise and intangible tax reports, and an annual report to the State of Florida.
  • Provide all needed copies of reports to grantors or allied organizations.
  • Ensure that the financial records of the Society are audited annually by an independent Certified Public Accountant.
  • Be available as a resource to assist chapters with bookkeeping or financial questions.
  • When requested, present the president and the Board of Directors with a report and account of foregoing transactions.
  • Such other duties as delegated by the members, the Board, or these bylaws, in keeping with state and federal laws.
  • Prepare a Treasurer's report for each Executive Committee and Board meeting.
  • Records. Officers shall keep in an orderly way all documents and records relating to their responsibilities and duties, and shall deliver them to their successor at the expiration of their term of office.”
  • Prepare a Treasurer's report for each Executive Committee and Board meeting.

Table 3. Yearly Schedule of Duties for the Treasurer

Review the Financial Statements and General Ledger provided by the bookkeeper for accuracy
Committee reports due for annual report
By January 20th
Registration for the Solicitation of Contributions Act is due before January 20th. A renewal package will be sent to FNPS approximately 60 days prior to this date.
By May 1st
The Uniform Business Report is due by May 1st. A renewal notice will be sent to FNPS after the 1st of the year.
By May 15th
The Income Tax return is due for the previous year by May 15th. The verified records should be sent to the auditor by mid March.
May 30
Auditor prepares the Audited Financial Report after the income tax return has been filed.
Annual Conference
Prior to the conference, ensure that the administrator has the appropriate GL codes for the registration form. Attend the conference with applicable paperwork from FNPS banks to ensure that signers can be added or changed. Prompt the Secretary to bring the corporate seal to the conference, bring a supply of manual checks, Ensure copy of an invoice and approval of the conference committee chair(s) before any checks are written
Prepare and distribute the annual report for the Palmetto.
The budget process begins. Present preliminary budget to the Executive Committee. Request budget figures from contractors.
Present preliminary budget to the Board of Directors with current year's analysis and request Committee budgets be prepared for the coming year within 45 days of that date.
Budget review is completed.
Present budget for approval by the Board of Directors. Send copies to the Executive Committee, Executive Director and the bookkeeper. Request annual reports from committees


Duties of the Secretary

  • The Secretary shall be present to record minutes/reports at all meetings of the Executive Committee (EXCOM), Board of Directors (BOD) and General Membership. If, for some reason the Secretary cannot fulfill duties, she/he shall make every effort to find a temporary replacement.
  • Maintain all Society files and records other than those maintained by the Treasurer, President, other members of the BOD and contractors. This includes original copies of documents, archival minutes and correspondence, and all new information generated during the term. These shall be passed to the incoming Secretary within one month of the annual FNPS Membership Meeting, which takes place at the annual conference. Should the annual conference, and hence the Membership Meeting, take place some time before the end of the term, the schedule for transfer of records shall be adjusted accordingly.
  • Meeting minutes and reports shall be forwarded to the President and other pertinent members for distribution to the BOD within two weeks following the meeting. This shall be accomplished by E-mail whenever possible, but those that request a hard copy sent via parcel post shall be obliged. The Secretary should coordinate with the President at the beginning of their terms regarding their shared responsibilities (i.e., some Presidents prefer that the Secretary distribute meeting minutes).
  • When requested, Abbreviated BOD Meeting minutes shall be prepared and forwarded to the editor of the Sabal Minor and/or The Palmetto. The Secretary will make every effort to meet a pending publication deadline, but if not critical, the Abbr. Minutes shall be forwarded within two weeks.
  • Assists other board members with correspondence, FNPS file research and other pertinent duties, when requested. A reasonable time-frame for these requests should be agreed upon by both parties.
  • Performs duties as above when directed by the EXCOM or BOD, at a meeting or via conference call, E-mail or another communication method that includes appropriate representation.