Welcome to the FNPS Handbook Wiki!

The purpose of the FNPS Handbook has always been to augment the bylaws with procedure: the nuts and bolts of how things are done. In this handbook, you will find out how the Society runs, and find all kinds of documents to help your Chapter be more effective. As times change, our strategies change as well. Although the content is steeped in the rich history of FNPS, this is a living document, and we hope you will use your experience as a member of the Florida Native Plant Society to contribute to its quality.

How to use the Handbook

On the right, you will see the list of articles (pages) that make up the handbook. On each page, you will be able to read about the topic, and access supplemental material through links as you go along. It is a beautiful thing. Another beautiful thing is the ability to find what you are looking for instantly! The search box (See it? Up on the right?) will take you right to what you need. This is the power of a wiki.

Content has been chunked out to make it more discreet and digestible. Much has been added that was not addressed in the previous handbooks; much is still under development. We can guarantee that this handbook will grow with the new convenience of editing in this format. We look to the Chapters to help the FNPS Board members prioritize what should be added or updated. That said, we think it is a good start, and hope you find value.